Circle of Life Dr.Lipbeauty
Circle of Life Dr.Lipbeauty
Circle of Life Dr.Lipbeauty


Queens alongside kings; Forefathers of the human race; Teachers and Mothers to every generation; Astronauts of the future. The woman has always been the center. It is she who makes the world progress. Renewing itself every day, in every generation, in every culture.

The CIRCLE of LIFE project is inspired by women, by their three great qualities: PRESERVE, RENEW, HEAL. Dr.Lipbeauty™ will support environmental sustainability projects (PRESERVE and RENEW) and in favor of the future of mankind (HEAL). And all this thanks to you: 1% of the value of each intervention, treatment or consultation performed at Dr.Lipbeauty™ will be donated by our company to encourage the evolution towards a more sustainable world and help those who are momentarily less lucky. ..because we have to make the world a wonderful place.

Circle of Life Dr.Lipbeauty
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PRESERVE | Dr.Lipbeauty™ and the Bees

Bee: singular feminine. The organization of bees is one of the most advanced and efficient on the planet. The queen bee gives birth to all the others. They support it, protect it, and work for the whole community and for the whole world. Because by flying from flower to flower, they allow the pollination and survival of trees and many plant species that we eat.

Thanks to you, Dr.Lipbeauty™ will support Italian and international startups and associations that deal with the preservation and care of bees.

RENEW | Dr.Lipbeauty™ and Energy

Sun. Earth. Waterfall. Sky. Their connection is based on the transformation and regeneration of one material into another useful one. The solutions of regeneration of matter in nature are exactly like the continuous renewal of women: from daughters they become women; as women they generate life and become mothers. From mothers they become grandmothers and take care of their granddaughters; and the cycle of life is not interrupted.

Thanks to you, Dr.Lipbeauty™ will support Italian startups that deal with the research and development of alternative energy sources and new means of recycling materials.

Circle of Life Dr.Lipbeauty
Circle of Life Dr.Lipbeauty

HEAL | Dr.Lipbeauty™ and the present future

Boys and girls are the very circle of life. Unfortunately some diseases also affect them, forcing them to spend an important part of their lives in hospitals. We can help them during this time with games, caresses, entertainment and light-heartedness. What every mother would do with her child.

Thanks to you, Dr.Lipbeauty™ will support associations involved in research in the pediatric oncology field and associations involved in supporting and entertaining children in hospitals with playful and educational initiatives.