The term erythema refers to a redness of the skin that disappears with acupressure (that is, it disappears at the exact moment in which we exert pressure with our finger on the area and reappears as soon as this pressure is released) Usually, the redness is accompanied by a slight increase in temperature in the affected area.

It should be kept in mind that a physiological reddening of the skin may occur immediately after the injection, which almost always resolves spontaneously. Otherwise, if the redness persists, it is likely that we are dealing with a hypersensitivity reaction (patients suffering from rosacea are more likely to develop erythema after treatment; for this reason, during the history with the doctor, be warned).


The drugs that are used to speed up the resolution of an erythema are the following:


  • Cold packs
  • Galenic anti-inflammatory (Bromelain 300 mg/day for a maximum of 3 days)


  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – NB It is important to use stomach protectors to reduce the gastrointestinal damage associated with NSAID use


  • Oral tetracycline
    Isotretinoin 2

NB: Use of a medium-strength steroid is recommended for persistent erythema. However, prolonged use of high potency steroids is discouraged. In combination with the drug, it may be useful to use a vitamin K cream.


It is very important not to sunbathe the affected area and to avoid physical activity until complete resolution.

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