Complicanze da Filler - herpes labiale
Complicanze da Filler - herpes labiale


The so-called cold sores is a viral infection due to local activation of the herpes simplex virus 1.


It shows itself with small whitish/yellowish vesicles (with or without border of erythema), filled with serum. The associated cardinal symptoms are burning and soreness.
Most herpetic recurrences occur in the perioral area (vermilion or lip commissures), nasal mucosa or skin of the nose, hard palate mucosa, or in the vicinity of the eye.

The micro trauma of needle insertion acts as a trigger for virus activation (in predisposed subjects). Precisely for this reason, patients with a history of cold sores should be prescribed preventive antiherpetic devices as prophylaxis before treatment, especially when this concerns the areas most at risk.

Treatment (prophylaxis)

Pasaneem®: 2 times a day for 5 days before and 5 days after the treatment.


Pasaneem®: 3 times a day for 15 days from the onset of herpes

In this regard, you can go to the website where you will find all the more detailed information

Treatment of severe cases

Valacyclovir | Aciclovir: the dosage (in mg/kg) depends on the purpose, whether for prophylaxis or treatment.


It is necessary to promptly start topical therapy, avoid the sun, saunas, sunlamps and not apply make-up on the affected part. It is important to underline that in the event that the patient presents an active herpes lesion, treatment cannot be carried out until the lesion has completely resolved.

Download our guide on cold sores and always keep it with you.

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