Complicanze da Filler - Lesioni pigmentate
Complicanze da Filler - Lesioni pigmentate



Vascular compromise can occur at both arterial and venous levels. 




Neovascularization is the superficial formation of new blood vessels (capillaries, arterioles, and venules) that occurs in response to tissue trauma. New vessels may appear a few days or weeks after the procedure.


If they do not resolve spontaneously within 3-12 months, the use of lasers has proved effective in their treatment (KTP 532 nm – Nd:YAG 1024).




Hyperpigmentation is a fairly common complication after dermal filler procedures which consists of skin discoloration that occurs in certain areas of the skin following severe stress.


  • Use a topical bleaching agent (hydroquinone or tretinoin) along with full sunscreen.
  • In cases of resistant post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, laser treatment is considered16




The Tyndall effect refers to a particular bluish discoloration of the skin that can occur following the injection of hyaluronic acid. It is caused by placing the gel too superficially or by using an inappropriate product for the treated area. The bluish coloration occurs as a result of the so-called “Raleigh dispersion”: blue light waves have a higher frequency than red and are dispersed more easily; therefore, when a ray of light illuminates the skin, the predominant color is reflected, which is precisely blue.


It has been observed that, if not resolved immediately, this type of complication can last a long time. The “elective” therapy in these cases is hyaluronidase.

Download our guide on pigmented lesions and always keep it with you.



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