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We all look in the mirror. Everyday. And every day we surf the internet being seduced and influenced by it. The digital mainstream has a fast pace, and has made aesthetics an important social standard. But the flow is rapid, and we often don't have the necessary tools to defend ourselves, to really understand what's happening to us, ending up not really being aware of ourselves and of reality anymore.


The CONSCIOUS WOMAN project was born from the need to create a space in which personal skills such as knowledge, awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem is trained. It was designed to increase women's potential so that, despite being continually exposed to aesthetic canons (shared or not) imposed by digital, we cease to experience negative sensations by relating to our body. We need to start asking the right questions!

Consapevolmente Donna
Consapevolmente Donna


The project aims to make people more AWARE of themselves. Beyond fashions, each person will be able to reflect on their way of observing the world and create their own vision, increasing their points of observation. Through the creation of information paths, personal training, knowledge of the subject, development of positive emotions and a new vision of well-being, it will be inevitable to change perspective, in full awareness of oneself and of what surrounds us. Follow the project on the Newsroom and on our social channels.


The help desk was born as a natural consequence of the CONSCIOUS WOMAN Project. It is a strongly desired space because it is a point of reference for all those who feel the need or desire for psychological support in relating to aesthetics, but not only.


Doctor Lucia Montalto

Clinical and Health Psychologist.

She carries out psychological counseling to help address issues related to awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, and issues related to physical appearance and self-perception. Project coordinator, she will be available to plan your personal journey, identifying the causes that could interfere with the development of your potential, to explore paths of psycho-physical well-being.