This project was born from the awareness that in life it is necessary to donate: especially if you have received a lot. We will dedicate our resources, skills and knowledge to help people and the world. We will do it with the PRO BONO treatments, dedicated to people suffering from certain pathologies.


PRO BONO treatments are free medical treatments, dedicated to people suffering from certain pathologies and who do not have access to medical care. They represent a novelty, because it is the first time that a Medical Aesthetic Brand places the broad words "PRO BONO" alongside its name.


Dr.Lipbeauty™ ha scelto due patologie (purtroppo) molto comuni, i cui esiti estetici  e funzionali sono psicologicamente devastanti per il viso di una donna. Purtroppo, i trattamenti che servirebbero a migliorare l’estetica e la funzione nel viso non sono coperte (del tutto) dal sistema sanitario nazionale, per cui molte persone sono costrette a pagare di tasca propria i trattamenti necessari per cercare di dissimularne le problematiche disfiguranti di queste patologie. 


La nostra etica aziendale è sempre stata costruita su gesti concreti. Decidere di impiegare il nostro tempo, il nostro sapere e le nostre migliori qualità per rendere migliore la vita degli altri è un onore e un privilegio. 

Dr.Lipbeauty™ has chosen two (unfortunately) very common pathologies, whose aesthetic and functional results are psychologically devastating for a woman’s face. Unfortunately, the treatments that would serve to improve the aesthetics and function in the face are not covered (fully) by the national health system, so many people are forced to pay out of pocket for the necessary treatments to try to disguise the disfiguring problems of these pathologies.

Our corporate ethics have always been built on concrete gestures. Deciding to use our time, our knowledge and our best qualities to make the lives of others better is an honor and a privilege.

It is simple. If (unfortunately) you suffer from one of these pathologies, you can make an appointment with the Dr.Lipbeauty staff. If the treatments you need fall within our competence and possibilities, we will carry them out free of charge.


Oral clefts are the most common congenital anomalies of the head and neck with a total prevalence of 2.1 per 1000 live births. Both environmental and genetic factors have been implicated in their etiology.

Con il termine labioschisi (o labbro leporino) si indica la presenza di una fessurazione, più o meno grave, tra la parte superiore della bocca e quella inferiore del naso. Tale schisi può interessare soltanto i tessuti molli del labbro o colpire anche il pavimento osseo/cartilagineo delle fosse nasali e/o della dentatura. La palatoschisi è una malformazione del palato che presenta una fessura dovuta ad una mancata o errata chiusura delle strutture embrionali

The term cleft lip (or cleft lip) indicates the presence of a more or less serious fissure between the upper part of the mouth and the lower part of the nose. This cleft can only affect the soft tissues of the lip or also affect the bone/cartilaginous floor of the nasal passages and/or teeth. Cleft palate is a malformation of the palate that presents a fissure due to a failed or incorrect closure of the embryonic structures

The treatment in both cases (cleft lip and palate) is facial plastic surgery in infancy (1-2 months of age).

In addition to functional problems, clefts leave “aesthetic” disturbances linked to the appearance of the malformation and/or the scarring results of the intervention as well as creating strong psychological discomfort for the person.

The goal of the treatment will be to improve the shape of the lips compatibly with the presence of the scar, allowing to increase, as far as possible, the person’s self-esteem.


The other pathology that we have included in the "pro bono" treatments is Bell's palsy.

La paralisi facciale è un disturbo causato dalla lesione, parziale o totale, del nervo facciale.
Tale condizione, comporta la perdita o la riduzione del movimento dei muscoli del viso e può verificarsi da entrambi i lati o su un solo lato del viso.

La Paralisi di Bell è la più comune tra le paralisi facciali; tale condizione, provoca la debolezza o la paralisi improvvisa dei muscoli di un lato del viso, ed è dovuta ad una disfunzione del VII nervo cranico (nervo facciale).

Facial paralysis is a disorder caused by partial or total injury of the facial nerve.
This condition involves the loss or reduction of movement of the muscles in the face and can occur on both sides or on only one side of the face.

Bell’s Palsy is the most common of the facial palsies; this condition causes sudden weakness or paralysis of the muscles of one side of the face, and is due to a dysfunction of the seventh cranial nerve (facial nerve).

In addition to functional problems, Bell’s palsy brings with it many results of an “aesthetic” nature:

• inability to frown

• asymmetrical smile

• loss of the nasolabial fold

• drooping eye (on the affected side)

• difficulty closing the eye (on the affected side)

• asymmetrical facial muscle tone

Dr. Lipbeauty, through the “very refined and complicated” use of the botulinum toxin will act on the side not affected by the pathology, to try to align the contraction of the muscles of the “healthy” side as much as possible in the center. Why?
Because they are the ones that work and tend to “pull” the smile, making it asymmetrical and unaesthetic. Therefore, going to relax precise points of the face, in specific anatomical areas and with variable doses of botulinum toxin, these muscles contract in such a way that the lips stop in the center during the “maximum smile” making everything more harmonious (for what you can). It is important to underline that this treatment is OFF-LABEL, that is, the drug has no registered indications for remote use, and as such the responsibility lies entirely with the doctor who performs it.