L’herpes labiale è una patologia comune e la sua “manifestazione” dipende dallo stato immunitario della persona. Pertanto, alle persone che soffrono spesso di herpes (1 volta al mese), consiglio SEMPRE una terapia “preventiva” con un gel omeopatico (totalmente a base di estratti vegetali – un vero portento bio):

PASANEEM. Si ordina solo su internet*

Va applicata 5 giorni PRIMA del trattamento (la sera) e per i successivi 5 giorni DOPO il trattamento (sempre la sera).

Potrebbe essere possibile che, nonostante la terapia, si possa verificare un nuovo episodio di herpes. Niente paura. L’Herpes farà il suo decorso e andrà via con i suoi tempi.

L’herpes labiale mi viene forse 1 volta all’anno. Devo fare lo stesso “la terapia” ?

Chi non soffre di herpes labiale non dovrebbe avere problemi. Tuttavia, se si vuole stare tranquilli si può applicare la crema fitoterapica nei 5 giorni prima del trattamento: è a base vegetale e non crea nessun problema per la salute.

E se compare DOPO il trattamento cosa succede?

Si applica la crema omeopatica topica e si assumono alcuni integratori per bocca.

Ovviamente le labbra saranno più gonfie, ma tutto sparisce al termine del decorso dell’herpes. Non ci sono problemi con l’integrazione del filler di acido ialuronico.

Cold sores is a common pathology and its “manifestation” depends on the person’s immune status. Therefore, to people who often suffer from herpes (once a month), I ALWAYS recommend a “preventive” therapy with a homeopathic gel (totally based on plant extracts – a true bio marvel):

PASANEEM. You order only on the internet*

It should be applied 5 days BEFORE the treatment (in the evening) and for the following 5 days AFTER the treatment (always in the evening).

It may be possible that, despite treatment, a new episode of herpes may occur. No fear. Herpes will run its course and go away in its own time.

I get cold sores maybe once a year. Do I have to do the same “therapy”?

Anyone who doesn’t suffer from cold sores shouldn’t have a problem. However, if you want to be safe, you can apply the phytotherapeutic cream 5 days before the treatment: it is plant-based and does not create any health problems.

And if it appears AFTER the treatment, what happens?

Topical homeopathic cream is applied and some supplements are taken by mouth.

Obviously the lips will be more swollen, but everything disappears at the end of the herpes course. There are no problems with supplementing hyaluronic acid filler.

Aesthetic invective treatments are NOT performed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

YES. Treatment is postponed until the END of medical therapy.

YES. Injections of hyaluronic acid into the perioral tissues are performed:

Hyaluronic acid injections can be performed safely:

👉 at least two months before surgery


👉 THREE months after body surgery.
👉 EIGHT – TWELVE months after facial surgery

Of course it is always intended to complete healing.

This is a very common and very frequent question. Autoimmune diseases are a broad spectrum of pathologies, united by one condition: the “malfunction” of one’s own immune system that “attacks” the body’s tissues.

They are very many, of various kinds and of varying severity. I am writing to you THOSE in which I DO NOT CARRY OUT the hyaluronic acid injection aesthetic treatment:

All “Connective Diseases” (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, Lupus, etc. ), in which the target tissue is connective tissue.

Other autoimmune diseases such as thyroiditis, myasthenia and intestinal diseases cannot be “disturbed” by hyaluronic gel.

Currently there is no absolute contraindication in aesthetic injections of hyaluronic acid: it depends on the case and on the choice of the individual doctor.

In any case, the autoimmune diseases must be in their NOT active phase and the certification of the dedicated specialist is required for the authorization for hyaluronic acid injections.

Fillers have various properties: one of these is their consistency, which can be soft, dense or hard (adjectives used in a simplistic way for immediate understanding). Only Soft Fillers should be used in the Lips.

Because the softness of the filler WILL NOT HARD the lips.

This is a crucial aspect, because aesthetic medicine treatments are made to be repeated over time: therefore it is essential that the lips ALWAYS remain SOFT even after many years, after various treatments.

Using a hard filler means hardening the lips and making them lose their natural softness and naturalness over time.

The hyaluronic acid filler can be performed:

👉 One month before the vaccine


👉 one month after the last scheduled dose

Hyaluronic acid injections can be performed safely: EIGHT – TWELVE months after rhinoplasty. Of course it is always intended to complete healing.

In theory No. However it would be desirable to do the lip filler AFTER the orthodontic treatment.

In theory YES.

The lips and all the perilabial tissue must be completely free from any form of localized infection.

In theory YES.

The lips and all perilabial tissue must be completely free from any form of infection.

In theory YES.

The lips, perilabial tissue and internal mucous membranes must be completely free from any form of infection.

YES. The filler must be done at least 7|10 days after the laser. It is not recommended to do the lip filler and then the laser immediately afterwards.