The Day after
LIP Filler


 • Massaggiarsi le labbra
(Vengono i lividi | il filler si potrebbe spostare) 

• Andare in sauna/lettino solare (Il calore accentuerà il gonfiore) 

• Mettere del ghiaccio sulle labbra, a casa (Non serve con la mia tecnica!) 

• Fare cerette nella zona labbra (No-stress in quella zona per qualche giorno) 

• Attività sportiva o esercizio fisico intenso

• Assumere farmaci anticoagulanti o anti-infiammatori 

• (fans – aspirina), a meno che non siano necessari per patologie concomitanti di competenza medica specialistica. 

• Cure odontoiatriche nei 15 giorni successivi

• Utilizzare farmaci topici come creme al Cortisone e similari nelle zone trattate.

• Rub your lips
(The bruises come | the filler could move)

• Go to the sauna/sunbed (The heat will accentuate the swelling)

• Putting ice on the lips, at home (No need with my technique!)

• Waxing the lip area (No-stress in that area for a few days)

• Sporting activity or intense physical exercise

• Take anticoagulant or anti-inflammatory drugs

• (NSAIDs – aspirin), unless they are necessary for concomitant pathologies of specialist medical competence.

• Dental treatment for the next 15 days

• Use topical drugs such as cortisone creams and similar in the treated areas.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are made with the same hyaluronic acid molecule found in the body and this molecule *doesn’t create allergies*.

Allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid fillers are due to:

⚠️ *Lidocaine (a local anesthetic)*

Some fillers on the market contain it inside, other fillers do not.
During the visit, a patient history is taken, in which the presence of allergies to local anesthetics is investigated (usually it is asked if there have been problems during anesthesia at the dentist or in other previous surgical interventions).

Treatment is contraindicated if the person is allergic to local anesthetics.

⚠️ *Vial Lot Impurities*

Allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid fillers have a very low percentage and those described in the literature have been described as deriving from batches of incompletely purified vials (an industrial error), and not as a consequence of hyaluronic acid.

⚠️ *BDDE, DVS, Epoxides*

These are the molecules used on an industrial level to “cross-link” hyaluronic acid. They serve to give the filler its visco-elastic properties. A low percentage of allergic reactions to these molecules is described in the literature.

After the injections, a slight redness is frequent, which resolves within a few hours without leaving a trace, and in a variable manner, a modest swelling (due to the local anesthetic cream and the trauma of the needle). Regardless of the amount of gel used, it is normal for the lips to swell slightly in the following hours (especially in the evening). NB: since the lips can swell asymmetrically, it could be normal that in the evening and the following day they could be “crooked”.

Don’t be alarmed: it’s just swelling! Give your lips time to deflate and the filler to settle. In any case, already from the day after the swelling disappears. In the first 4/7 days after the treatment you will feel the presence of small thickenings in your lips (balls or cylinders, as they are often defined to me): it is the hyaluronic acid gel positioned to give shape to the lips. This is completely normal and part of the proper adjustment process. After this period, the filler will integrate into the tissue and you will no longer feel anything.

Thanks to my technique, I finish the treatment without any hematoma or bruise. However, it is important in the immediate hours following the treatment not to massage the lips, not to go to hot places (such as saunas) and not to exercise. This is because some capillaries could reopen at the point where the needle entered. In fact it is “almost a practice” that some small bruises appear the day after the treatment (the lips move in any case, regardless of the above recommendations). Don’t be alarmed: it’s normal! It can be covered with makeup. We are also talking about bruises of a few square millimeters (really small things). To make small bruises disappear, a specific cream can be applied 2/3 times a day until resolved (usually 5/7 days).

*YES*, after 24 hours.

..but you must respect these indications:

👉 Do not rub the treated area vigorously for the next 24 hours.

👉 Don’t subject yourself to excessive temperatures (saunas, sun lamps).

👉 Don’t practice a sporting activity or exercise that is too intense.

👉 Do not take anticoagulant drugs (NSAIDs – aspirin) in the following 3 days, except for concomitant pathologies of specialist medical competence.

👉 Do not undergo dental care or other aesthetic procedures in the following 15 days.

👉 Do not apply topical drugs such as cortisone creams and similar in the affected areas

In theory yes, but….

If you do this, you will forcefully move your lips, which will cause the swelling to last longer and bruises to appear immediately or the day after. So, my advice is to avoid it (if possible).

You will do it the next day!

Definitely NOT.

With my technique it doesn’t help. You just have to follow my recommendations on what not to do next. Simple!!

YES, but after 48 hours.

In any case, the sunscreen stick should always be put on the lips.

YES…from the day after the treatment


It is normal if an asymmetry may be present for the first month. The gel settles differently in the two hemilips (due to the fact that we speak and move our lips NOT symmetrically).

It resolves within a month.

If the asymmetry persists, then go back to the studio and do the small correction!


It is normal if you feel thickening in the lips. The gel settles in different times in the various sections of the lips.

Within a month, maximum two months it resolves.

If the thickening persists, then it goes back to the studio and melts (without affecting the general shape of the lips of course)!

This impression is very frequent, especially for those who do the lip filler for the first time.

In fact, I am called a few days after the treatment, with the conviction that the shape of the lips is much smaller than in the previous days or even that it has returned to what it was before. As if and that the filler was reabsorbed.

⭐️ Obviously it’s not like that.

🏛 Read carefully: I’ll explain what it is and why it might seem like this.

👉 I always create natural shapes.
According to my concept of aesthetics, modifying a shape simply means making it more beautiful. Don’t transform it.

👉 The lips, with the treatment just concluded, therefore have a new shape, harmonious and elegant. But this shape is obviously larger, due to the effect of the hyaluronic gel just applied and the slight swelling due to the water draw.

👉 In the following 12-15 days the hyaluronic acid gel integrates completely into the tissues, becoming an integral part of them. At this point, the filler will no longer be felt, because it is completely integrated.

The shape of the lips always remains the same, but smaller. The lips will therefore be completely natural, both when still and in movement.

The lips are soft, have their harmonic shape (no one would say that they have been “touched”) and above all they are natural and elegant (no distortion, no duckling, no artifacts).

This is my result.
This is my vision of aesthetics. This is what I consider to improve.

However this process that I have described in detail is misinterpreted.

👉 “Doctor, I have nothing left, the filler has reabsorbed.”
👉 ′′ Doctor, the shape is smaller. I liked it like a few days later: turgid and that little bit more.”
👉 “Doctor, how is it possible that the filler lasts so little.”

All the people who have called me and who have told me one of the previous sentences have all been reviewed in the studio, none excluded. And do you know what I discovered, in all of them?

The filler was still present, the shape was perfect, the lips were soft and natural and above all the “new” shape was maintained. Only that the shape given was “a little smaller” than in previous days. Therefore:

⭐️ Filler can’t be reabsorbed in such a short time. This is technically impossible because the gel I use lasts (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) for many months. All the prejudicial rumors according to which the gel is absorbed in a few days are refuted by numerous scientific data: therefore, it is not true.

⭐️ For a precise reason, when you improve your face, you forget how it was before.

It’s an evasion mechanism| defense, explained by theories of psychology and anthropology. When your image is enhanced (..Prettier, not transformed!).

Our mind cancels the memory of the old self-image

The perception that the person has of their face changes: Therefore, if the person does not see a change “per
her visible to the eye“, that change does not exist – and this contributes to one being convinced that the form has disappeared.

It is therefore very clear that the natural result (which is the basis of my work and my vision). It is always present, lasting and harmonious.

Everything else, as explained,
It is not true!