Satin Visage is the result of a perfect connection between the elements that characterize the face, a harmony of volumes and shapes that communicates beauty in a universal sense. A real "Revolution of beauty" that writes a new chapter in the history of aesthetic medicine.


Dr.Lipbeauty, literally, builds with his own hands an idea of ​​beauty that sees the woman as the protagonist and not the mere aesthetic treatment.

La visita è il momento più importante, perché la persona mette a nudo sé stessa, con aspettative e paure. Il nostro obiettivo è chiaro: evidenziare le caratteristiche di ogni persona minimizzando i difetti, senza cancellarli del tutto, perché sono anche quelli che determinano la propria unicità.

“La cosa principale è fidarsi ed affidarsi completamente a me, perché appena vi vedo, nella mia mente ho già il risultato”.

Il compito di cui Dr.Lipbeauty si fa carico è quello di sublimare la bellezza delle donne ogni giorno. Ogni trattamento è pensato per valorizzare ed esaltare ogni lineamento, forma e curvatura del viso.

The visit was the most important moment, because the person bares himself, with expectations and fears. Our goal is clear: to highlight the characteristics of each person by minimizing defects, without erasing them completely, because they are also the ones that determine one’s uniqueness.

“The main thing is to trust and entrust yourself completely to me, because as soon as I see you, I already have the result in my mind”.

The task that Dr. Lipbeauty takes on is to sublimate the beauty of women every day. Each treatment is designed to enhance and enhance every feature, shape and curvature of the face.

A gentle method. A delicate hand. The Dr.Libeauty® registered method is essentially painless. Thanks to the careful precautions taken in the execution, only a pinch will be felt.

What requirements should a beautiful face have?
Actually, regularity of features is not a complete answer; what matters most is the right proportion and harmony between the three levels that compose it: forehead-eyes, nose-cheeks, mouth-chin.
There is no mention of distorting the face: a few stitches, little product, variation of small curvatures, a gentle change of a few degrees of proportion…to give the face a fresh and natural look that takes into account various factors such as the characteristics of the face, the gender, age and even the personality of the patient.
It is a great responsibility to entrust ENTIRE face in the hands of one person, but once inside Satin Visage, trust and results are GUARANTEED.


Face Slimming is an aesthetic procedure that allows you to streamline and reshape the face through the "reduction" of the masseter muscle.

I masseteri sono un insieme di muscoli che si estendono dalla metà alla parte inferiore del viso e sono responsabili della masticazione. Ci sono delle condizioni, tra cui il bruxismo, nelle quali questi muscoli tendono ad ingrandirsi ancora di più.

The masseters are a set of muscles that extend from the middle to the lower part of the face and are responsible for chewing. There are conditions, including bruxism, in which these muscles tend to grow even more.

Bruxism is the involuntary contraction of the muscles used for chewing. This contraction leads to grinding of the teeth by rubbing the two dental arches together or by squeezing the jaws with excessive force.
In most cases, bruxism occurs during sleep and, as a result of the particular situations it generates, it can lead to migraines, cause pain in the jaw and more generally cause abnormal and excessive wear of the teeth. In addition to functional problems, bruxism also causes an aesthetic problem. Which?

A woman’s face, when squared off, has a more masculine impact. I don’t want to get into a “gender feud”, ai simply talks about anthropometric proportions of genders.

Botulinum toxin is used to decrease bruxism and to help give a V-shaped face and a slimmer profile. Botulinum toxin is in fact an excellent option for those who wish to have a more proportionate facial structure without resorting to surgery.

The treatment is performed with the injection of botulinum toxin of the masseter muscles and, more specifically, through the injection of the right quantities of botulinum toxin in the more superficial portions of the masseter muscle in order to relax them. Obviously, chewing is absolutely not affected by this treatment and, as a result, there will be a decrease in the impact of bruxism and a slimmer and gentler face.

It is important to underline that this treatment is OFF-LABEL, that is, the drug has no registered indications for remote use, and as such the responsibility lies entirely with the doctor who performs it. It is therefore necessary to contact expert professionals in the sector, because the complication is that you can no longer chew.

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