IAL - FILL™ Protocol

This protocol was DESIGNED and CREATED for the FIRST TIME by Dr.Lipbeauty™.
Based on previous scientific studies, Dr. Lipbeauty™ was a pioneer of this method which has now finally slowly entered the mindset of other operators.

It is a method that serves to eliminate any residue of previous filler and restore the right shape of the lips.

“The past cannot be changed, but the future can be written.”

WHY do we need the IAL-FILL™ PROTOCOL

This is a key question because Dr.Lipbeauty ™ DOES NOT TREAT lips that have been previously treated elsewhere.

The reason is that the filler is NOT absorbed, but INTEGRATED . This concept, the integration of the filler into the tissues is another concept introduced for the first time by Dr.Lipbeauty ™: The meaning is that if the filler was really absorbed, there would be no need to dissolve it. 

Having understood this fundamental axiom, it is clear that when a hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the tissues, the shape created must be perfect, because its imprint will always remain.

In treated lips, the shape is already set, the tissue now has a different elasticity and consistency from the virgin tissue. No perfect work can be created on such lips.


So regardless

how long has the filler been done
how many times has it been injected
whether the person thinks they still feel filler or not

Dr.Lipbeauty ™ prefers to dissolve the remaining hyaluronic acid filler with hyaluronidase and start over.

Who is the IAL-FILL™ PROTOCOL for?

The filler is not absorbed, but integrates into the tissues and the shape obtained can be liked or not.
For this reason, the IAL-FILL ™ Protocol IS NOT for everyone . Dr.Lipbeauty ™ only applies it to two categories of people :

1) WHO absolutely wants to remove the remaining Filler | because the work performed is objectively unsightly and he is no longer able to look at himself | stay in that state.

2) WHO, despite everything being in order and having “no bad job”, absolutely wants the Lip Filler to be performed by Dr.Lipbeauty ™ (accepting the protocol).

Therefore, from what you are reading, if you don’t fit into one of the two categories, it would be a shame to make an appointment. Because if Dr.Lipbeauty ™ came to visit she would do nothing (neither would he advise her to dissolve, nor would she filler).

How is the IAL-FILL™ PROTOCOL performed?

The IAL-FILL™ protocol works like this:

Si prende appuntamento per fare la ialuronidasi. Per questo particolare trattamento è necessario fare una “Preparazione Prima della ialuronidasi”.
Una settimana prima del trattamento DEVE mettere questa crema sulle labbra:
– PASANEEM crema| 2 volte al giorno, mattina e sera
Questa crema si può acquistare solo su internet, a questo sito: .
È fondamentale metterla. Fa parte del protocollo Personale del Doc.
PS: è un preparato completamente vegetale con intento curativo; quindi, non ha nessuna profumazione e nessun effetto collaterale.

Appointments are made for hyaluronidase. For this particular treatment it is necessary to make a “Before Hyaluronidase Preparation”.
One week before the treatment you MUST put this cream on your lips:
– PASANEEM cream | 2 times a day, morning and evening
This cream can only be purchased on the internet, at this site: .
It is essential to put it. It is part of the Doc’s personal protocol.
PS: it is a completely vegetable preparation with a curative intent; therefore, it has no fragrance and no side effects.

The hyaluronidase session is carried out in the office. Keep in mind that AFTER the treatment the lips will remain very swollen for a maximum of two days.



After a recovery period that varies from person to person, the filler can be performed (we plan the appointment together)

IAL-FILL™ PROTOCOL | Is it painful?

No, it will be a pain-free treatment, because the lips will be anesthetized with a local anesthetic. You will only feel the pinch of the sting, then nothing. The lips will be completely numb. Even after the treatment, there will be no pain, just discomfort and a slight burning sensation in the lips due to the swelling.


You can go to the page entirely dedicated to all the most important questions concerning the IAL-FILL ™ protocol .

The answers are the result of the knowledge and above all of the experience gained by Dr.Lipbeauty ™ in all these years.


Fundamental notions. Knowing what to do and what not to do after the IAL-FILL™ Protocol treatment is very important. Here too, all the answers are the result of the ten-year experience gained by Dr.Lipbeauty™. A wealth of knowledge made available for you and for everyone.