Si, potrebbe! Per questo motivo, per EVITARE che avvenga DO SEMPRE una terapia preventiva con una crema fitoterapica molto potente (totalmente a base di estratti vegetali – un vero portento bio): PASANEEM

Questa crema si ordina solo su internet:

Va applicata 5 giorni PRIMA del trattamento (la sera) e per i 5 giorni DOPO il trattamento (sempre la sera).

Questa terapia è parte integrante del Protocollo IAL-FIL™.
Va fatta sempre, a prescindere se la persona soffra o meno di herpes labiale.

Yes, it’s possible. For this reason, to AVOID this, ALWAYS DO a preventive therapy with a very powerful phytotherapeutic cream (totally based on plant extracts – a true bio marvel): PASANEEM

This cream can only be ordered on the internet:

It should be applied 5 days BEFORE the treatment (in the evening) and for 5 days AFTER the treatment (always in the evening).

This therapy is an integral part of the IAL-FIL™ Protocol.
It should always be done, regardless of whether or not the person suffers from cold sores.

Aesthetic invective treatments are NOT performed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

YES. Treatment is postponed until the END of medical therapy.

YES. Perioral tissue injections are performed:

• One month BEFORE the dental procedures • One month AFTER these procedures (therefore complete healing)

Injections can be done safely:

• At least TWO months before surgery or

• THREE months after body surgery

• EIGHT-TWELVE months after facial surgery

Of course, it is always meant to be completely healed.

This is a very common and very frequent question. Autoimmune diseases are a broad spectrum of pathologies, united by one condition: the “malfunction” of one’s own immune system that “attacks” the body’s tissues.

They are very many, of various kinds and of varying severity. I am writing to you those in which I DO NOT CARRY OUT the treatment:

• All “Connective Diseases” (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, Lupus, etc.), in which the target tissue is connective tissue.

• Other autoimmune diseases such as thyroiditis, myasthenia and intestinal diseases, do not seem to be “disturbed”.

Currently there is no absolute contraindication in aesthetic injections: it depends on the case and on the choice of the individual doctor.

In any case, autoimmune diseases must be in their NOT active phase and certification of the dedicated specialist for injection clearance is required.

Dipende da caso a caso. Lo si valuterà al momento della visita.

Le iniezioni possono essere effettuate:

  • UN mese prima del vaccino 
  • UN mese dopo l’ultima dose prevista

Injections can be done safely:

  • EIGHT-TWELVE months after rhinoplasty

Of course it is always intended to complete healing.

As for the hyaluronidase NO.
However, it would be desirable to do the lip filler AFTER the orthodontic treatment.

In theory YES.
The lips and all perilabial tissue must be completely free from any form of localized infection.

It would be desirable that the lips are free from “nicks” and that they are hydrated. The procedure must be postponed

The lips and all perilable tissue and internal mucous membranes must be completely free from any form of infection. The procedure must be postponed.

The filler must be done at least 7-10 days after the laser.
It is not recommended to do the lip filler and then immediately after the laser.