–  Massaggiarsi le labbra (vengono i lividi | il filler si potrebbe spostare)

–  Andare in sauna/lettino solare (il calore accentuerà il gonfiore)

–  Mettere del ghiaccio sulle labbra (non serve con la mia tecnica)

–  Fare cerette nella zona labbra (no stress in quella zona per qualche giorno)

–  Attività sportiva o esercizio fisico intenso

–  Assumere farmaci anticoagulanti o anti-infiammatori (fans-aspirina), a meno che non siano necessari per patologie concomitanti di competenza medica specialistica

–  Cure odontoiatriche nei 15 giorni successivi

–  Applicare farmaci topici (creme al cortisone e similari nelle zone trattate)


Rub your lips (bruising | filler may move)

Go to the sauna/sunbed (the heat will accentuate the swelling)

Put ice on the lips (no need with my technique)

Waxing the lip area (no stress in that area for a few days)

Sporting activity or strenuous exercise

Take anticoagulant or anti-inflammatory drugs (fans-aspirin), unless they are necessary for concomitant pathologies of specialist medical competence

Dental care in the following 15 days

Apply topical medications (cortisone creams and similar to the treated areas)

Local reactions (significant oedema, erythema, pain and pruritus) are by far the most common and according to clinical studies they occur with a frequency of 0.05% to 0.69%.

Urticaria and angioedema were reported in less than 0.1% of cases.

Anaphylaxis has occurred with the use of hyaluronidase when high doses have been administered and with intravenous administration.
So this is NOT the case with the very small doses needed to dissolve the hyaluronic acid gel, which are also administered subcutaneously.


This is not due to the hyaluronidase itself, but only to the fact that the treatment involves the dissolution of the hyaluronic gel. The dissolved gel has a greater ability to attract water: hence the swelling.

It is a transient edema. It may last a few days.

This is not due to the hyaluronidase itself, just the fact that the treatment involves injections into the area. As with all needle punctures, bruising or bruising may occur later.

To make small bruises disappear, a specific cream can be applied: KELAIRON GEL 2/3 times a day until resolution (usually 5-7 days)

Yes, PASANEEM cream for another 5 days, twice a day

Absolutely not.

With my technique it doesn’t help. You just have to follow my recommendations on what not to do next. Simple!

You have to wait for the swelling to go away completely. You can do it later!


You have to wait for the swelling to go away completely.


From the day after the treatment


It is normal if you still feel some residue of the thickening in the lips. The gel settles at different times. If the thickening persists, then you go back to the office and another session of hyaluronidase is performed.

This impression is very frequent, especially for those who undergo hyaluronidase and are no longer used to seeing their “true lip shape”.

In fact, a few days after the treatment, I was called with the conviction that the shape of the lips is much smaller than “those of which we had memory”, as if the lips had “wrinkled”.

⭐️ Obviously that’s not really the case.

The lips return soft, completely natural (both still and in movement). The shape of the lips always remains the same, but they are smaller because there is no more filler, NOT because they have “shrunk”.

The perception that the person has of his own face changes, so it will be normal for the person to see himself “bad” and with “small” lips.

Don’t worry, it’s not a perception: it’s your real natural lips.