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A gummy smile is excessive exposure of the upper gums when smiling. It can derive from many causes, but the thing that unites them all is the hyperactivity of the elevator muscles of the upper lip.


The smile is unique to your face. It's intimate and it's one of the first things that strikes you in a face.

Durante la visita di un “sorriso che mette a disagio” valuteremo:
l’estensione del sorriso nel viso
la forma e i movimenti delle labbra
le proporzioni tra le arcate dentarie

The ONE POINT® Technique

The One Point® technique, conceived by Dr. Andrea F. Armenti, is a simple and refined method of performing the treatment, because: You touch only one point on the face that point is chosen on the basis of the person's unique and personal smile


A gentle method. A delicate hand. The Dr.Libeauty® signed method is essentially painless. Thanks to the simple technique and the careful precautions taken in its execution, only the slightest pinch will be felt.


The One Point® technique is designed to have a natural smile that lasts over time. The duration of the first session is approximately 6 months. This is a great advantage, because it allows you to get used to your "new" smile. It is the second session that stabilizes the result. From that moment on you will see each other ONCE A YEAR, continuing to maintain the natural dynamics of your smile.


Botulinum toxin in the treatment of gingival smile. An artfully used tool. When used with professionalism and knowledge, it really is a precise tool for relaxing the precise spot, exactly where it is needed.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on the treatment of Gingival Smile

You can go to the page entirely dedicated to all the most important questions concerning the gum smile and its treatment. The answers are the result of the knowledge and above all of the experience gained by Dr. Lipbeauty over all these years.


Fundamental notions. Knowing what to do and what not to do after Gingival Smile treatment is very important. Here too, all the answers are the result of Dr. Lipbeauty's decennial experience. A wealth of knowledge made available for you and for everyone.