• Massaggiarsi la zona

• Andare in sauna/lettino solare 

• Mettere del ghiaccio a casa  

• Attività̀ sportiva o esercizio fisico intenso

• Cure odontoiatriche nei 30 giorni successivi

• Utilizzare farmaci topici come creme al Cortisone e similari nelle zone trattate. 

  • Massage the area
  • Go to the sauna/sun bed
  • Put some ice at home
  • Sporting activity or intense physical exercise
  • Dental care within the next 30 days
  • Use topical medications such as cortisone creams and similar in the treated areas.

The botulinum toxin does not act immediately. You need to wait 4 to 7 days for it to take effect.

The sensation may seem a little strange, because you will feel that the smile is more relaxed. All your life you have become accustomed to “feeling” that smile rose to the top. Now that he’s a little relaxed, you’ll feel like you’re not smiling enough at first!! This is normal. It’s not about “paralysis” or “block” of the smile: it’s just and simply more relaxed. The gums are more covered and you weren’t used to a sensation (even
it’s only one on each side, made with a very thin ghetto and placed under the skin: so you won’t have hematomas or bruises.
So at the end of the session you will not have any change in your smile. This will happen later.
visual) of the genre: on the other hand it is the reason why you did this treatment.
Don’t be alarmed: in the following days your muscles will get used to this new way of smiling and you won’t feel any strange sensations. You’ll just have to finally enjoy your new smile.

It could happen. And that would be normal. I’ll explain why. Not the recommended concentration is used, but half. Choosing this course of action is simple:
1) We have seen that even only half the dose works in most people and this also guarantees a truly natural result because the gum is covered a little and not totally and also because in this way the relaxation of the muscles is really minimal (therefore avoiding a potential bogus result)
2) The worst thing that can happen to you, after the treatment, is that your smile is the same as before: so no nasty surprises!!!

After the first treatment we always make people come back after 15 days! For two reasons:
1) The effect has stabilized and it is possible to check how much gum
it has been covered (in case there is always time to lower it more and we decide this together)
2) If it didn’t work, then we know exactly how much to add!! Simple!!

The use of botulinum toxin is contraindicated for people who are allergic to albumin (this protein is used as one of the excipients in the formulation). For all the other people who do not have an allergy to albumin, from the analysis of the available literature, no episodes of death or serious health hazards associated with the aesthetic use of botulinum toxin have been found, nor any permanent effects that are clinically detectable. If used appropriately, in compliance with the approved indications and recommended doses, Botox causes a low incidence of complications with moderate severity.

After the injections, a slight redness is common, which resolves within a few hours without leaving a trace. There are no swellings in the area.

Thanks to my technique, I finish the treatment without any hematoma or bruise.
However, it is important in the immediate hours following the treatment not to massage the area, not to go to hot places (such as saunas) and not to exercise. This is because some capillaries could reopen at the point where the needle entered.

YES, after 24 hours, but you must respect these indications:

Do not rub the treated area vigorously for the next 24 hours.
Do not subject yourself to excessive temperatures (saunas, sunlamps).
Do not engage in sports or excessively intense physical exercise.
Do not have any dental treatment or other cosmetic procedures for the next 30 days.
Do not apply topical medications such as cortisone creams and the like to the affected areas

NO. You can do it the next day!

Absolutely not.

With my technique it doesn’t help. You just have to follow my recommendations on what not to do next. Simple!!

YES, but after 48 hours. In any case, the sunscreen stick should always be worn.